Portfolio / Résumé

Ingram Blakelock

Ingram Blakelock

An experienced director with the motivation and energy to carry projects
from the first concepts to the final delivery.


11 Years of Freelance Experience,
6 Music Videos, 4 Album Designs,
4 Promotional Photoshoots

Distinction , Master of Arts – Adv. Computer Graphics and Animation
University of Bradford – 2012 / 2013

2.1 , Bachelor of Arts – Media Production
Lincoln University – 2005 / 2007

Skills: Directing, Producing, Editing, Script Writing,
2D and 3D Asset Production

Experienced in: Autodesk Maya, Z-Brush, Photoshop,
After Effects, Premiere, Quixel Suite, Mari, Nuke


ANTS Technology – Logo Design – June 6th, 2015

The Texan company ANTS Technology wanted to revive their business image with a new logo which I produced for them alongside branded t-shirts and business cards.

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A Forest of Stars – Drawing Down the Rain – Feb 6th, 2015

As part of efforts to broaden my portfolio of work and keep the look of A Forest of Stars fresh I decided to create their next music video in 3D instead of the 2D shadow puppetry I have used up until this point. The story was to be about a little lost robot who instinctively goes on a journey which takes him across a bizarre landscape towards a malfunctioning machine which it must deactivate. This was my first full length 3D production which involved a pre-visualisation (animated storyboard) of the whole project which eventually became 10 scenes within the video.  The visual appearance of the video was changed towards the end to hide it’s CG nature – creating instead a painted look which gives the whole video a dreamy feeling.

A Forest of Stars – Promotional Photography – Beware the Sword you Cannot See

To create a different feeling from previous photo sessions with A Forest of Stars I decided to go with stark, simple portraits of each band member whilst trying to capture expressions of exhaustion and hopelessness which were evocative of the emotions this album caused.

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Group_04    Group_05Group_03

Tent Productions – Logo Animation – March 27th, 2014

I was responsible for the research, concept art and final compositing (within Nuke) of the Tent Pictures Production Logo.

Daddy ABC – Script Writing – Feb 18th, 2014

The multi-award winning short animation which I helped co-write with Hamad Alawar:

Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
Best Animation and Best Sound Design
California International Shorts Festival (Summer)
Best Short Animation
Harlem International Film Festival
Best Animation
Abu Dhabi International film festival
The Special Jury’s Award in Short Narrative Film and Best Emarati Film

Oscar Nominating:
5- Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (nominee/in competition)
6- St Louis International film festival(nominee/ in competition)

Nominated for an award/in competition:
7- Southampton International Film Festival
8- Blue Plum Animation Festival
9- FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia
10- Lahore International Children Film Festival
11- Gulf Film Festival 2013
12- International Film Awards Berlin
13- Doha ajyal
14- London City Film Festival
15- Orillia Film Festival

16- Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival
17- Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival
19- Whitelights International Short Film Festival
20- Boston International Kids Film Festival
21- Enfoque

Gary Rydstrom (Pixar Director) on Daddy ABC

Duncan Evans – Lodestone – Album Artwork

I produced the full artwork for Duncan Evans album Lodestone including a Gatefold CD, Vinyl and Luxury Edition. I also produced all the photographs and designed the project logo.

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Duncan Master Artwork File


Duncan Evans - Vinyl_Case

Duncan Evans – Promotional Photography

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Duncan Evans – Bird of Prey – Single Album Artwork

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Duncan Evans – Girl on the Hill – Oct 31st, 2013

Following on from the successful release of Bird of Prey by the talented acoustic guitarist Duncan Evans I had the pleasure of working on the music video for the Girl on the Hill.

Idensity – Sekhmet – Oct 14th, 2013

Utilizing the same shadow puppetry style of 2D animation the Sekhmet project was my attempt to bring an ancient Egyptian story to life. The original story concerned Sekhmet in her enchanting goddess form being transformed by Osiris into a hellish lioness creature so that she might protect the city of the gods from being invaded. Sekhmet sets about destroying the enemy army but quickly becomes overcome with lust for blood and the other gods begin to fear her power. Osiris devises a plan to trick Sekhmet into drinking red wine instead of blood which causes her to vomit out the lioness spirit but as she does, so the tale goes, she brings upon mankind all the plagues and pestilences of this world.

This animated content was then edited together with footage of the band performing in a rehearsal space. I created almost all the elements of this video except for the live footage and the gods character artwork which was produced by Chris Idensity.

My Dying Bride – The Poorest Waltz – Feb 19th, 2013

During the final year of my part time studies at Bradford Univeristy I was contacted by the band My Dying Bride to produce a music video for them at short notice. The requirements of the project was that the filming should take no longer than a day to complete and that it must include a dance which had been prepared in advance. There was less than a month between the point at which I was asked to consider this project and the day of filming however I pulled together various elements including finding the location, props and furniture and equipment needed to film it.

Humanity’s Fire – The Battle For Darien – February 19th, 2013

A short animated trailer for The Ascendant Stars series of books by Mike Cobley to celebrate the release of his sci-fi book series across America

A Forest of Stars – Promotional Photography – A Shadowplay for Yesterdays

As part of the promotion for A Shadowplay for Yesterdays I was responsible for the taking and post processing of the bands photos. The image of the left side was an exclusive as the front cover of Metal Hammer’s Subterranea.

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AFOS Metal Hammer

A Forest of Stars – Gatherer of the Pure – June 28th, 2012

Whilst studying my masters degree during my first year I embarked on a project which has helped define a lot of my current style and techniques. Taking as my inspiration the German film director and pioneer Lotte Reiniger I started weaving a plot about a maniac photographer who creates a private world within his lair. Outside of his den the photographer is reviled by all humanity but within he controls all aspects as he goes to propose love to a woman who wouldn’t normally notice him.

The production took almost a year from beginning to end with several months of experimentation to find the appropriate methods for animating the project. The animation was powered by the amazing tool DUIK, created within After Effects with all elements drawn using Photoshop.

A Forest of Stars – Ragnarök Festival 2012 – Lighting – April 13th, 2012

In one of A Forest of Stars biggest performances to date I controlled the lighting in front of a huge audience at Ragnarök Festival 2012.

A Forest of Stars – Ravens Eye View – May 6th, 2010

Between my studies at Lincoln University and Bradford University I planned, directed and did the post production on a music video for A Forest of Stars song Raven’s Eye View. The filming was done at the Keighley Playhouse over the length of a day and was partially improvised in order to produce a surreal and authentically Victorian experience. The tasks for this video included creating a realistic film damage effect that was bespoke to A Forest of Stars as well as a series of motion tracked gore effects at the end as the song climaxes.